Photographers battle as a tribute to the rising moon

Photographers battle as a tribute to the rising moon

My friend photographer sent me a story that I want to share with you.

About a year ago, a photographer from Portland (USA) named Michael Bollino, traveling through southern California, took a picture of a sunrise in one of the reserves, well …. a reserve according to American concepts, in fact, most of which is a desert, and in the south there is a small mountain range. Michael called his work “Head and Heart”. Here is that photo:

Фотограф: Майкл Боллино, название: Голова и сердце

When the photo fell into the hands of another photographer named Jeff Deveaux, he decided he could do better. He wanted to cover the horizon wider. After consulting the lunar calendar, Jeff determined that the same moon in the initial phase and at the same distance from the horizon would be in 6 months. Jeff patiently waited for the required period and the day before the deadline, he went to the park for his photo hunt. After spending the night in a tent, he got up before sunrise and took his picture. Jeff called it: “A Tribute to the Rising Moon.” Here is that picture:

Фотограф: Джефф Дево, название: Дань восходящей луне

I showed both of these photos to friends and opinions were divided. I don’t even know what to say to Jeff. So if you’re interested, I’m doing a little survey.

Какая фотография вам нравиться больше?